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Unique Squash 年度聯校壁球友誼賽 2017 - Inter-School Squash Friendly Match 2017

Posted on 17th Apr 2017 @ 1:14 PM

各位親愛的壁球選手:   Unique Squash 年度聯校壁球友誼賽2017 ,又黎啦!

每一年Unique Squash 舉辦的年度壁球友誼賽都有不同的國際學校和本地傳統名校的同學參加比賽,如弘立書院、香港國際學校、漢基國際學校、喇沙書院等,千萬不要錯過這個為自己的壁球水平和技術進行測試的機會!2016 去年我們有40個球員的參與,為了增加大家的交流,我們正在接受更多,更具競爭力的玩家享受其中的樂趣!比賽日期,時間等詳細信息如下供您參考。如果您希望報名,請您告知我們,並與下面的結算銀行賬戶繳納報名費:


友誼賽報名費:[email protected]

銀行名稱: Bank of China (Hong Kong)

銀行戶名: Unique Squash Academy Limited

銀行帳號: 012-806-1-031693-4


Hi! All Junior Squash Players:

The Inter-School Squash Friendly Match 2017 is coming!

Every year we have friendly match with different International Schools and some Popular Local Schools for the friendly match such as ISF, HKIS, CIS, La Salle College etc. Don't miss the opportunity for your own squash level and skills testing! Last year we have 40 players for the squash and this time we are accepting more  players to share the fun!

Enclosed are the Key Date, Time and other details for your references. If you confirm for the registration, please kindly inform us and pay the registration fee to our settlement bank account below:Friendly Match

Application Fee: [email protected]

Name of Bank: Bank of China (Hong Kong)

Name of Account: Unique Squash Academy Limited

Account Number: 012-806-1-031693-4